How to activate ValueTools license?

Activating ValueTools is very easy. First make sure that you are connected to Internet.

1. Open ValueTools and click on the Info (!) icon at the bottom.

2. On the About Window that opens, click on Activate License button.

3. On the Activation window that opens, you can see various activation options.

Depending on your current license, you may or may not be able to see a few options.

4a. To activate a trial license, click Activate Trial button.

4b. If you have already bought a subscription enter your email and order number that you received in your order confirmation email and click Activate Subscription button.

4c. If you have a redemption code (received from AppSumo or Gift Card), enter the code and click Redeem Code button to activate the license.

5. After successful, a message is shown to confirm the same.

The same information is also indicated in the About Window.

If you are having trouble activating the app or haven't yet received the subscription email, contact us at [email protected] and we'll help.