Software Safety Information

✅ ValueTools is SAFE to Install and Use. âœ…

ValueTools, downloaded from or is a safe software. You can be assured that the software only does, what it says it does and doesn't harm your PC.

Smart Screen Warning

However on rare occasions, you may get a false alarm from Windows Operating System that software is malicious. 

You may also see a couple of warnings like these by Smart Screen Filter

There are a couple of reasons, why this warning appears

1. Whenever an exe or dll file is downloaded from Internet, Windows flags the downloaded executable with a warning to warn users about possible malicious software. (A very good move to prevent accidental virus installations).

2. Whenever an exe is signed with a digital certificate, Windows takes some time to learn about the certificate before those warnings disappear.

Our Executables are signed

To ensure safety and integrity of our executable programs, our software is Signed by an Organization Validated Certificate issued by Sectigo. 

You can see our certificate by seeing properties of the downloaded file and see the certificate, in the Digital Signatures tab.

How to get past Smart Screen warning?

ValueTools is a safe software and you can ignore the warning safely. To get rid of the warning and continue with installation, you can click on More Info and click on Run Anyway button to continue the Install. If you are seeing the warning from browser, you can click Keep Anyway link to keep the installer file.

Over to you!

If you are still in suspicion, that the software is malicious, we recommend you can upload the installer file to Virus Total Website ( or any other virus scanner of your choice to assure yourself.

In case of any concern, you can catch me on Twitter (@AnshulSojatia) or shoot me an email at [email protected]

✅ ValueTools is SAFE to Install and Use. âœ…